Business and investment services for mining and resources

Queensland actively encourages and welcomes foreign investment in the state's exploration, mining and petroleum industries.

Help to support your investment in Queensland is available from both the Australian and Queensland governments.

Australian Government

Austrade provides international investors with the information needed to establish or expand a business in Australia. Services for international investors include:

  • initial coordination of investment enquiries and assistance
  • information on the Australian business and regulatory environment
  • market intelligence and investment opportunities
  • identification of suitable investment locations and partners in Australia
  • advice on Australian government programs and approval processes.

Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) is a free online service to help you find the right local, Queensland and Australian government licences, permits, registrations, approvals and codes of practice you need to operate a business. Visit ABLIS to receive a detailed, personalised report.

Queensland Government

The Queensland Government offers a range of services to support investors and also works closely with large companies looking to relocate, expand or develop their businesses in Queensland. We provide information and services to companies about Queensland's capabilities as an investment location and help companies establish themselves in the state.

Business and investment services

Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) provides business and investment services to interstate and international investors including:

  • providing detailed industry knowledge about business costs, skills availability and investment opportunities in Queensland
  • helping to organise inbound visits
  • connecting potential investors with industry associations and key supply chain allies
  • identifying potential partners for joint venture or collaborative opportunities
  • introducing investors to local companies and service providers
  • providing advice and assistance for dealing with government departments and economic development agencies
  • communicating 'investment-ready' projects to potential investors.

Industry case managers

Case managers from the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning work closely with major private sector investors to support the development of projects of regional or state significance. They work across government to help companies obtain development approvals, reducing investment time frames and costs. The industry case managers are a 'one-stop-shop' to address issues holding back establishment or expansion.

Geoscience information

The Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) provides geoscience and resource information to improve understanding of the geology, minerals and energy potential of Queensland. You can access a wide range of publications, maps and large amounts of data free online through GeoResGlobe, the GSQ Open Data Portal and the GSQ Lodgement Portal.

Permit approvals

Contact a mines lodgement office for help with applying for an exploration permit, mineral development licence (retention permit), or mining or production lease, and associated development permits.

Learn more about applying for mineral and coal and petroleum and energy resource authorities.

Submit applications online through MyMinesOnline. Holders of resource authorities can lodge a range of activity notices and track the progress of their applications online.

Learn more about MyMinesOnline.