Complying with Commercial Activity Permit conditions

When you receive your Commercial Activity Permit (CAP), you must read and comply with the terms and conditions of your permit. Ensure that you and any employee, agent or contractors are familiar with these conditions.

CAP holders are required to submit a return of operations on a regular basis, your returns will appear in Online Services after your authority has been granted.

Return of operations

You must submit a return of operations within 20 business days of the end of each prescribed period, including a 'NIL' return if no activity occurred during the reporting period. Quarterly cycles end on the last day of March, June, September and December each year.

Failure to submit return of operations may result in suspension, or cancellation of your CAP.

Returns can now be submitted through your account in Online Services. Similar to the previous returns, you will still be able to pay up front or request an invoice.

If you request an invoice, this will appear in Online Services under 'invoice'. When payments are received, a copy of your receipt will also appear here.

Learn more about how to create parks and forest tours and complete returns (PDF, 2MB).

Submitting a notification

Some permit conditions may require the holder to notify departmental staff before a visit. This does not apply to all permits, so check your permit conditions to see if this is a requirement.

Submit a notification

Advice on complying with conditions

For more information on meeting the conditions of your CAP, email Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service at

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