Complying with Commercial Activity Permit conditions

If you have been issued with a Commercial Activity Permit (CAP), you must comply with the conditions required by your permit.

All CAP holders are required to submit a return of operations on a regular basis, which will be specified by the information notice sent with your permit.

Your permit conditions may require you to notify Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) staff before you visit a national park, forest or recreation area. This is not a condition of all types of CAPs, so check your permit conditions to see if this is a requirement.

Return of operations

You must submit a return of operations within 20 business days of the end of each prescribed period.

As part of the Queensland Government's immediate Industry Recovery Package, a fee relief has been applied to daily site (return) fees from 1 February 2020 to 31 March 2021.

During this period, continue to report on your tour operations as normal by submitting your quarterly returns. To ensure your daily permit fees are waived when completing the return of operations for this period, enter all paying people in the 'Exempt' column and zero (0) in the 'Paying' column.

To submit returns monthly, please select the quarter that your month falls into. Even if no activity occurred during the month or quarter, you are still required to submit a 'nil' return. Quarterly cycles end on the last day of March, June, September and December each year.

The new form will generate an invoice at the time of submission, appearing on the last page of the return and containing information required for you to pay your daily fees.

Paying fees

Fees for outstanding returns from previous quarters, or months in 2020 not subject to the fee relief are still payable. When completing your return of operations for these months, you can choose to:

  • pay fees online
  • or
  • if an account has been set up and you have been issued a Financial Reference Number, you can select to have an invoice forwarded to your registered email address.

Fees must be paid by the due date listed on the invoice. If you fail to pay fees by the due date, QPWS may suspend or cancel your permit.

Submitting a notification

Some CAPs require the holder to notify regional QPWS staff before a visit. This does not apply to all permits, so check your permit conditions to see if this is a requirement.

Submit a notification

Advice on complying with conditions

For more information on meeting the conditions of your CAP, contact:

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships
Phone: (07) 3199 7514

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