Renewing a Commercial Activity Permit

If you have a current Commercial Activity Permit (CAP), you can apply through Online Services to have it reissued to support your continuing activities in Queensland national parks and forests. The online permit system will send you 2 notifications – one letting you know your authority is about to expire and one after it expires.

Reduced application fee

If your permit details are substantially the same, you may be eligible for a reduced application fee. The reduced application fee will automatically be applied, depending on your response to the relevant renewal questions.

The full application fee is payable if you request significant changes on the re-issued permit—such as access to extra locations or new capacity.

Learn more about forms and fees for CAPs.

Continuing to operate

You must apply for a CAP before the expiry date to continue operating in national parks and forests authorised under your current CAP.

Applying before the expiry date

If we receive your application before the expiry date, your existing permit will continue in effect until your:

  • renewal request is decided
  • existing permit has continued for 3 months after the expiry date (if this happens earlier than a decision)
  • or
  • application is withdrawn.

Applying after the expiry date

If you submit your application after the expiry date, you will have to stop all commercial activities to avoid penalties or prosecution until there is an outcome on your new application.

However, you may still be able to pay a reduced application fee for up to 3 months after expiry if your commercial activity details remain the same.