Applying for a Commercial Activity Permit

To conduct commercial activities in national parks, conservation parks, resources reserves, recreation areas and forests, you must apply and be approved for a Commercial Activity Permit (CAP).

You can apply for a CAP for a term of up to 3 months, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years.

You must submit the CAP application form and fees to the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS).

You can use a single application form even if you plan to operate in more than 1 national park, conservation park, resources reserve, recreation area or forest.

Before you apply

Book a free pre-lodgement meeting

You can request a free pre-lodgement meeting to:

  • learn about the application process and time frames
  • ensure your proposed application contains adequate information
  • provide your draft supporting information for the proposed application for a general review against legislative application requirements
  • check on jurisdictions of proposed locations
  • be informed about legislative and policy constraints
  • check on required fees
  • learn about your rights under principles of natural justice.

We do not refund application fees if your application is refused, so this meeting could save you time and money.

Take out insurance and indemnity

You will not be issued with a CAP unless you have all of the following types of insurance cover for the whole time the permit is granted for:

Calculate fees

You must pay fees when you apply including application fees and permit fees.

Learn more about fees for CAPs.

Lodge your application form

You can apply for a CAP with the application form.

Application decision process

CAP applications usually take up to 40 business days to decide, unless we receive a higher than usual volume of applications.

If we need to ask you for further information or documents to support your application, it could add at least a further 20 business days to decide your application. We recommend you apply for your authority well in advance of when you wish to commence your activity.

CAP applications can either be granted with conditions or refused based on legislative or policy reasons.

Public disclosure

You will be required to declare on the application form that you understand the information provided may be disclosed to third parties.

This will allow QPWS to fully assess the application and meet obligations to third parties set down in various agreements, for example with HQPlantations and traditional owners.

Camping fees

If your proposed commercial activity involves overnight camping in a national park, conservation park, resources reserve, forest or recreation area, you will need to pay camping fees in addition to your application fee and daily site fees.

Learn more about camping bookings.

Penalties for operating without a permit

It is an offence to conduct a commercial activity in a national park, conservation park, resources reserve, forest or recreation area without a CAP.

If you or your business is found to be conducting a commercial activity in a national park, conservation park, resources reserve, forest or recreation area without a CAP, you may be issued with an infringement notice or prosecuted through the court system.

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