Penalties for not complying with noise legislation

If an Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) investigator believes that noise from a licensed premises is unreasonable, they may issue a written notice (an abatement notice) to the licensee, permittee, or person in charge of the premises, requiring that noise be reduced to, and kept at, a reasonable level.

Noise is unreasonable when it can be measured at nearby residences or businesses, or because the licensee has failed to comply with any noise conditions imposed on the licence.

Failing to comply with an written notice can lead to the following enforcement actions:

  • on-the-spot fine of up to $2,757
  • prosecution, with a maximum fine of $13,785
  • a compliance order and/or variation of licence or permit conditions
  • disciplinary action (from fines to cancellation of the licence or permit).

OLGR is happy to provide any assistance and advice to assist licensees in minimising noise emanating from licensed premises and resolving noise complaints. However, the ultimate responsibility for minimising noise from licensed premises rests with the licensee and their staff and management.

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