Noise compliance scenario video transcript

Watch the Follow the Law campaign - Noise (compliance scenario) video to understand more about complying with noise legislation for licensed venues.


Doris, a dear little old lady in a pink dressing gown and slippers, is standing on her door step, with binoculars in hand.

[Voice over]

This is Doris. She's lived in the same house for 50 years. Nothing happens in this street without Doris knowing.


Doris peers through the binoculars as a band rock up at the licensed venue next door.


Oh, I wonder if they know any Ed Sheeran.


In the venue, the band does a sound check. They get thumbs ups from the acoustic consultant, approved manager and compliance officer.

[Voice over]

Doris can't hear the music from her house. Which means she can get some sleep.


Doris appears in the venue and shakes hands with the compliance officer. Suddenly, she's in a gold-sequinned top and is burning up the dance floor like it's 1989.

[Voice over]

Or pop next door for a boogie!

Watch the Follow the Law campaign - Noise (compliance scenario) video.


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