Noise complaints about your venue

When the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) receives a noise complaint, the individual circumstances are assessed to determine the approach.

Noise resolution process

When OLGR receives a noise complaint about your venue, an officer will contact you straight away to provide the details so you can rectify the situation. The details of the complainant will not be provided.

If the complaints continue, OLGR will meet with you on premises, if appropriate, and conduct an assessment of the premises to see if they can identify the reason for the noise. If a simple solution can't be identified, you will be encouraged to contact an acoustic consultant for advice.

If your venue is subject to noise-related licence conditions, OLGR will assess compliance with these throughout the noise resolution process. Identified breaches may result in enforcement action, including the issuing of an abatement notice, followed by a compliance order, if unreasonable noise is being created.

OLGR will make every effort to work with you and the complainant to rectify any noise complaints but it is important you do everything you can to prevent your venue from becoming a potential problem for your neighbours.

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Further complaints

Should further complaints be received, OLGR will attend at the complainant's premises to assess the noise and determine if the noise is coming from your premises. If confirmed, an OLGR officer will contact you and discuss the noise issues.

If more complaints are received, OLGR will conduct noise testing from the complainant's house or business to determine whether unreasonable noise is being produced. If the noise is found to be unreasonable, OLGR may issue you with a written notice (an abatement notice) to reduce the noise at your venue.

In circumstances where further complaints are received following the issuance of an abatement notice and unreasonable noise is again established, you may be issued with a compliance order to stop the noise. OLGR may also impose a noise condition on your licence (if it does not already have one).

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