Overview of amendments to the Liquor Act

The Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Legislation Amendment Act 2016 and Liquor and Other Legislation Act 2017 resulted in the following changes to the Liquor Act:

  • New extended trading hours approvals for takeaway alcohol after 10pm are prohibited.
  • Acceptable evidence of age for the purposes of purchasing liquor has been clarified.
  • Community clubs are allowed to sell takeaway liquor to signed-in visitors or guests of members or reciprocal members.
  • Providers of floral arrangements and gift baskets are exempt from needing a Risk-Assessed Management Plan (RAMP).
  • Duplication across the incident register and crowd controller register is removed for Brisbane licensees.
  • The Commissioner must notify an approved manager's employer when the approved manager's approval has been suspended or cancelled.
  • An investigator can require a person to produce documents that are relevant to the administration or enforcement of the Liquor Act.
  • The results of a breath test analysis are admissible as evidence in prosecutions against a licensee (as supplementary evidence) where there is other evidence to suggest a licensee may have committed an offence.
  • The regulation-making power in relation to Risk-Assessed Management Plans (RAMPs) is reinstated.
  • Reduced extended trading hours, including changes for safe night precinct licensees.
  • Sale or supply of high-alcohol content drinks is prohibited from 12 midnight.
  • New applications for extended trading hours for gaming can only be sought up to 2 hours past the end of alcohol trade.
  • Licensees must seek Commissioner approval to use a car park as a licensed area.
  • Liquor cannot be taken into or away from an event that is subject to a commercial public event permit or a community liquor permit.
  • Craft brewers can apply to sell their product at promotional events.
  • The number of one-off extended trading hour permits (after midnight) that venues can apply for has been reduced from 12 to 6. The criteria for, and frequency of, approvals has been tightened.
  • Networked ID scanners for venues that trade after 12 midnight within safe night precincts, unless the venue is operating under an exempt class of licence.

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