Papaya ringspot disease

Papaya ringspot disease is a type P (PRSV-P) virus that is devastating to papaya (or papaw) plants. It was first found in South East Queensland in 1991. There are 2 papaya ringspot biosecurity zones, (PDF, 768KB) and movement restrictions are used to minimise the spread of the virus.

The disease poses a serious threat to Queensland's papaya industry, which is predominantly in Central and North Queensland. The industry's estimated value was $25.2 million in 2014–15, with 95% of this coming from North Queensland.

Papaya ringspot can also infect some members of the cucurbit family such as cucumber, melon, pumpkin and squash.

A second closely-related, but separate, isolate of the virus, type W( PRSV-W), causes similar symptoms but only infects cucurbits. There are also a number of other common and widespread viruses that cause similar leaf mosaic symptoms on cucurbit plants.