Management of regulated waste

Approval to transport regulated waste

The Environmental Protection Regulation 2019 (the Regulation) defines regulated waste and the environmentally relevant activity (ERA) of regulated waste transport (ERA57). You may be required to hold on environmental authority (EA) for ERA57 under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (the Act) if you transport regulated waste. Holding an EA for ERA57 allows you to transport regulated waste in Queensland and meet your responsibilities as a waste handler under the Act.

Read Schedule 2 of the Regulation for further details on when an EA for ERA57 is required.

Tracking of regulated waste

Under the Regulation, waste handlers must submit waste tracking information when transporting regulated waste or waste residues. Read Managing waste tracking in Queensland – overview (PDF, 212KB) for an overview of waste tracking requirements within Queensland.

Waste tracking ensures that waste is transported and managed in a way that helps prevent illegal waste management activities, which may cause environmental harm. View a list of trackable regulated waste.

The facility receiving the waste must also hold an EA for the relevant ERA(s) for storage, recycling, treating or disposing of the waste. There are a range of ERAs described in Schedule 2 of the Regulation that relate to waste management.

Read more about obligations of the waste generator, waste transporter and waste receiver, set out under the Regulation and Act.

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