End of waste approvals

End of waste (EOW) approvals are primarily intended to be used when there is a potential market/demand for a resource and an EOW code for that resource has not been developed.

EOW approvals are considered on a trial basis for reusing waste as resources and to apply to a single holder for the purpose of the trial. The EOW approval will be issued only for the length of time required to undertake the trial, with only 1 extension to the approval period being granted if required.

The Department of Environment, Science and Innovation will consider the findings of the trial (e.g. benefits, sustainability, environmental impacts and environmental best practice) prior to deciding whether an EOW code should be developed for that waste type.

Pre-design/pre-lodgement meetings

Applicants can participate in a pre-design/pre-lodgement meeting with the department to help identify if an application for an EOW approval should be submitted, and if so, what information to submit with the application, identify any issues relevant to a specific project, and to receive guidance on regulatory expectations. These meetings are free of charge and may assist in reducing assessment timeframes.

To request a pre-design/pre-lodgement meeting, complete the application for pre-lodgement services form.

Apply for a EOW approval

All applications for EOW approvals must include the following forms:

Transitional arrangements for existing beneficial use approvals

Existing specific beneficial use approvals (BUA) can continue to be used for the uses specified under the approval until the end of the approval period for the BUA.

Review of decision

If you have been affected by a decision in relation to an EOW approval, you may have review rights.

Sections 174–179 of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 detail the internal review process. An internal review must be requested prior to pursuing a review from other external parties.

If you are eligible to request an internal review, complete the application for an internal review form (ESR/2015/1633) (DOCX, 121KB).


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