Waste tracking obligations

Queensland's waste tracking laws regulate the transport of environmentally significant waste. This ensures waste is transported and managed in a way that:

  • ensures it is stored, transported and treated in an environmentally appropriate manner
  • ensures that only those facilities which have adequate treatment and disposal methods receive wastes
  • prevents illegal waste management activities that may cause environmental harm
  • establishes a system of accountability.

Under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019, waste generators, waste transporters and waste receivers have obligations when handling regulated waste or regulated waste residues.

You may also be required to hold an environmental authority under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 if you are a commercial regulated waste transporter or if you transport 250kg or more of trackable regulated waste.

The facility receiving the waste must also be appropriately licensed for either storing, recycling, treating or disposing of the waste.

This guide explains your obligations as a waste handler, including how to submit waste tracking information and transport different types of waste inside, into and out of Queensland.