Regulated waste classification and management in Queensland

Queensland is working to become a zero-waste society, eliminating waste before it is produced, reducing it's quantity and toxicity. Read more about the waste management and resource recovery strategy.

Environmentally relevant activities (ERA) are industrial activities with the potential to release contaminants into the environment. In Queensland, ERAs relating to 'waste' are managed under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and Environmental Protection Regulation 2019.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1994, 'waste' is made up of general waste, such as household waste, and regulated waste which requires a higher level of management to prevent harm to the environment or human health.

Under the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011, a waste can be approved as a resource under the end of waste (EOW) framework if the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation considers that it has a beneficial use and it meets the specified resource quality criteria for specific use under a code or an approval.

This guide explains how regulated waste is classified and management in Queensland and how the EOW framework works.