Submitting waste tracking information

Under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019, waste handlers (generators, transporters and receivers of regulated waste) have obligations under the waste tracking provisions to ensure that regulated waste is managed safely. These obligations begin from the time the waste is produced and continue until it is disposed of, or otherwise processed.

Waste tracking information (prescribed information) must be recorded and submitted to the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation (DESI) using the prescribed form.

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Prescribed forms for waste movements

You can fulfil your waste tracking requirements using the following methods (prescribed forms):

For more information on how to complete waste transport certificates, read the guideline (PDF, 486KB).

Fees apply when submitting waste tracking information.

Moving trackable waste within Queensland

Online Services

Online Services is  the department's digital platform for online services and transactions, including waste tracking information, helping to reduce paperwork for business and industry.

You will need to register as a customer before submitting your forms using the Online Services Waste Tracking system.

Paper waste transport certificates

Paper WTCs can be purchased from DESI.

Moving trackable waste into and out of Queensland

Queensland into another state or territory

If you move waste from Queensland to another state or territory, you must submit paper certificates. Interstate waste transport certificates can be purchased from DESI in lots of 10.

Another state or territory into Queensland

If you intend to transport regulated trackable waste from another jurisdiction into Queensland, you must first apply to the department for a consignment number authorisation. You will also have to record and submit waste tracking information to the department. This can be satisfied using relevant paper documentation methods from the jurisdiction in which the trackable waste originates.

Appointing agents for waste tracking

As a waste handler, you may appoint an agent to act on your behalf to meet your waste tracking obligations.

To appoint an agent to act on your behalf, you must enter into a specific agreement with the person. This agreement is binding and must be provided to the department on request. More information is available in the guideline on agents agreements (PDF, 161KB).

Audits and penalties

As a waste handler, you may be audited to ensure you are complying with your environmental and waste tracking obligations. This includes being appropriately authorised to transport or receive regulated waste, and submitting completed WTCs. Penalties apply if you don't comply with the waste tracking provisions.