Temporary emissions licence

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A temporary emissions licence (TEL) is a permit that temporarily allows the release of a contaminant into the environment in response to an event, either natural or caused by sabotage, that was not foreseen (or did not have conditions applied because there was a low probability of it occurring) when particular conditions were imposed on an environmental authority or transitional environmental program (an applicable event).

A TEL is a flexible tool that can be used to appropriately manage the environmental impacts of contaminant releases to the environment as a result of applicable events. Such an event could be considered to be a flood or bushfire that was not reasonably foreseen at the time of the original application.

Applying for a TEL

To apply for a TEL, you should contact your local Department of Environment and Science (DES) office.

Learn more from the temporary emissions licence guideline (ESR/2015/1724) (PDF, 172KB).

When you lodge your Application for a temporary emissions licence (ESR/2015/1727) (DOC, 173KB), you will need to pay the application fee of $2,763.

If lodgement with your local office is not possible, or you would like to submit your application after hours (including weekends and public holidays), phone 1300 130 372 (select option 2) for instructions on submitting an application.

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