Forms and fees finder: environmental authorities

To ensure the safety of customer credit card data, the Department of Environment and Science and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries are now unable to accept credit card payments over the phone.

Fees can be paid by sending a cheque or money order to the relevant department.

The waste-related environmentally relevant activities (ERAs) are changing. These changes could affect your annual fees if you operate ERA 60 (whether as a prescribed ERA or as an ancillary ERA) and amend your environmental authority to change the threshold for ERA 60 or add a lot on plan or tenure (for prescribed ERAs and ancillary ERAs respectively).

Check the Waste ERA framework – Stage 1 information sheet (PDF, 38KB) to determine if your environmental authority is affected.

Welcome to the forms and fees finder: environmental authorities (EAs).

This diagnostic tool is divided into 2 sections - an 'application' section and a 'management' section - which will help you understand the official requirements for:

  • applying for new EAs
  • managing existing EAs (i.e. surrendering, suspending or transferring EAs).

You will be taken through a series of questions based on the legislation. At the end of the process you will receive a customised results screen, which will identify any forms, fees and supporting information you need for your application.

You can then choose whether to print it or have the electronic version sent to you by clicking "Email", entering your email address, then clicking "Submit".

Note: The application section of this tool lets you select multiple environmentally relevant activities (ERAs) to create a 'shopping basket' for your ERA project. To ensure you get the right results - such as the correct annual fee and the right administering authority - only select activities that you will operate as part of your ERA project.

In determining which ERAs to apply for, refer to the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 and make any decisions based on the actual wording of the legislation (e.g. ERA definitions are in schedules 2 and 2A of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008 while key terms are defined in schedule 12).