Environmental licences and permits

Licensing and permits for activities that could impact the environment. Includes important information about applying for environmental authorities.

Use our forms and fees finder for information on applying for a new environmental authority (EA) or managing your existing EAs.


Forms and fees finder: environmental authorities

Use the Forms and fees finder to apply and manage environmental authorities.

Applying for an environmental authority

Find out how to apply for an environmental authority (EA) to perform an environmentally relevant activity (ERA) in Queensland.

Complying with an environmental authority

In Queensland, holders of an environmental authority (EA) need to meet certain requirements including paying annual fees and submitting annual returns.

Changing, combining or transferring an environmental authority

Learn more about the application process for changing, combining or transferring environmental authorities (EAs) in Queensland.

Surrendering or suspending an environmental authority

If you hold an environmental authority (EA) in Queensland, you can apply to surrender (end) or suspend your EA.

Financial assurance, provisioning and rehabilitation for environmental authorities

Learn about financial assurance and risk payments required to comply with your environmental authority and minimising them through progressive rehabilitation.

Forms and fees for environmental authorities

Find forms and fees to apply for or manage an environmental authority in Queensland.

Dredging and removal of quarry material from under tidal water

Learn how to apply for an allocation of quarry material to remove material from land under tidal water.

Authorisations for infrastructure in protected areas

Find out how to apply for an authority to build or construct infrastructure and structures (including service facilities) on protected areas in Queensland.