Changing, combining or transferring an environmental authority

Use our forms and fees finder for information on applying for a new environmental authority (EA) or managing your existing EAs.

In Queensland, any activity that is defined as an environmentally relevant activity (ERA) requires a licence called an environmental authority (EA). If you are the holder of an EA you may want to:

  • change or amend your EA (e.g. if you have changed your business practices, or have incorporated new technology in your operation)
  • combine your separate EAs into a single EA (e.g. to amalgamate several existing EAs)
  • transfer your EA (e.g. when buying or selling a business that includes a prescribed ERA, or when changing joint ownership of an EA).

You can apply to change, combine or transfer EAs at any time. However, your administering authority may refuse to process your application if you have any fees outstanding.

This guide provides information about the application process for changing, combining or transferring EAs in Queensland.