Annual returns and fees for an environmental authority

Use our forms and fees finder for information on applying for a new environmental authority (EA) or managing your existing EAs.

Annual fees

For most activities, environmental authority (EA) holders will be required to pay an ongoing annual fee for the EA.

Prior to the due date for the annual fee, the administering authority will issue you with a notice outlining this requirement. This notice will be sent at least 20 business days before the anniversary day for the EA (i.e. the day your EA took effect), and this notice will include details on when and where to pay your fees.

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Read more about annual fees for EAs.

Annual returns

For resource activities, you must submit an annual return.

The annual return will be issued prior to its due date, which is 1 April each year. This form will include information on how to submit your completed annual return.

Holders of an EA for a prescribed activity will not receive an annual return from the department, and therefore will not be required to submit one.

Read the annual return requirements for resource activities: frequently asked questions (ESR/2022/6003) (PDF, 282KB) for more information.

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