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Plan of operations for an environmental authority

Use our forms and fees finder for information on applying for a new environmental authority (EA) or managing your existing EAs.

A plan of operations provides details about how you intend to meet environmental authority (EA) conditions, including rehabilitation requirements.

You may be required to prepare a plan of operations if you hold a site-specific environmental authority for a petroleum lease.

Preparing a plan of operations

Your plan of operations must comply with your EA conditions and can be for a maximum time frame of 5 years.

The plan of operations must be submitted to the administering authority using the approved form: Submission of a plan of operations (ESR/2018/4340) (DOCX, 249KB).

The plan of operations must include a:

  • description of all activities that will take place – on the site during the time frame covered by the plan
  • proposed program of actions – to comply with EA conditions
  • rehabilitation program for land disturbed - or land that will be disturbed during the period of the plan
  • compliance statement - describing how much you have complied with your EA conditions.

When developing your plan of operations you may identify amendments to your EA.

Submitting a plan of operations

You submit your plan of operations to the Department of Environment and Science (DES) at least 20 business days before carrying out any activities.

To prevent negotiations from affecting your proposed operations, you may submit your plan of operations well in advance of the 20 business day limit.

DES will not approve your plan of operations, but it may audit the plan at any time to make sure it includes all of the required content.

Your application for an estimated rehabilitation cost (ERC) decision must be submitted on the same day as the plan of operations.

Updating a plan of operations

You must update and resubmit your plan of operations at least every 5 years.

As the EA holder, you must amend or replace the plan of operations if:

  • the EA conditions change (e.g. approval of new activities, an amendment, partial surrender)
  • your operations become inconsistent with the plan
  • the holder of an EA becomes aware that the plan is inconsistent with the EA.

You may amend or replace the plan at any time before the plan ends.

On the day you submit a replacement plan of operations to the department, you must also apply for a new ERC decision.

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