Definition of a residential service

A residential service provides accommodation in return for payment of rent, with 4 or more residents, who occupy 1 or more rooms and individually pay rent and share facilities.

Typically, each resident has the right to occupy 1 or more rooms but not the whole premises. Residents in a residential service share facilities such as a bathroom, kitchen, common areas and laundry. Some residential services also provide residents with food or a personal care service as part of their accommodation agreement.

Accommodation services that are exempt from being residential services

Some accommodation services are not considered to be residential services. These include:

  • accommodation specifically for tourists or travellers such as backpackers, motels, and bed and breakfasts
  • student accommodation
  • accommodation for employees in connection with their work, or contractors in connection with their service contracts
  • services regulated under other legislation, including
  • services that have funding agreements with a government agency, including those
    • under funding or in premises owned by Aboriginal Hostels Limited
    • conducted by the Department of Housing (DOH), which is funded under the Housing Act 2003
    • conducted by the Department of Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services and DOH, which are funded under the Housing Act 2003 or the Disability Services Act 2006
  • services that are determined to not be a residential service under a regulation.

Public register of residential services

Under the requirements of the Residential Services (Accreditation) Act 2002, we must keep a public register of residential services. The public register lists the addresses and phone numbers of registered residential services in Queensland, as well as their service provider and associate names. It also states the maximum number of residents permitted to occupy the registered premises.

The regulation of residential services is important to both operators and residents. Read more information about how regulation helps the industry from DOH.

If you need more information on residential services, you can:

You can find information about rooming accommodation agreements at the Residential Tenancies Authority, which can also be reached on 1300 366 311.

Report an illegal residential service

If you suspect that an unregistered boarding house or rooming accommodation is operating, you can make a report.