Design guidelines for social housing

Under the Queensland Housing Strategy 2017–2027 we aim to deliver more social and affordable housing for Queensland.

The strategy redefines how we'll deliver housing to:

  • support urban renewal
  • generate new jobs
  • provide affordable housing
  • driving innovative housing design that meets contemporary housing needs.

Read our design and construction standards to learn more about our approach to delivering social and affordable housing.

Design guidelines

Our suite of design guidance resources ensure that new social housing dwellings:

  • are designed thoughtfully
  • meet service delivery requirements
  • minimise ongoing maintenance
  • contribute to diverse and sustainable communities.

Learn more by reading:

Technical summary sheets – social housing dwellings

Our Technical Summary Sheets – version 2, June 2022 (PDF, 1.2MB) outline the practical requirements to achieve best practice design principles in social housing dwellings. They articulate key site, space, and amenity requirements for projects, which vary depending on project and dwelling type and level of accessibility.

Indicative floor plans – social housing dwellings

Our suite of indicative floor plans (PDF, 2.2MB) illustrate a method of achieving the department's target floor areas, which vary by level of accessibility and number of bedrooms.