Change of service provider or associate for a registered residential service

A service provider is the person operating the residential service. A change occurs when:

  • the premises is sold and the service is continuing with a new service provider
  • a new service provider joins with the current service provider
  • there are a number of service providers and one is no longer involved in the operation of the residential service.

When there is a change, you need to:

If you take over the operation of a residential service, officers from Regulatory Services will arrange to meet with you to review how you propose to manage the residential service.

Regulatory Services should be contacted if a service provider involved in the operation of the residential service dies.

Lodge your application and required documents by:

Changing an associate of an existing residential service

An associate is described as an Executive Officer of the Corporation listed as the service provider or an individual who manages the service on behalf of the service provider and makes business decisions on their behalf.

To add a new associate, you should:

To remove an associate, you should complete and sign a Form 6 – Change of an associate (PDF, 241KB).

Changing service providers

If you are changing the service provider, you should complete an application to become a registered service provider of a currently registered residential service (PDF, 391KB).

You can find information about how to register as the new service provider of an existing service, including the fees and what documentation you need on ABLIS (Australian Business Licence and Information Service).

Other changes that affect the continued registration of your residential service may include:

  • renovations or significant damage that results in the destruction of your registered premises
  • addition of premises to your existing registration
  • changes to the criminal history of your service provider or associate.

Contact Regulatory Services for more information if any of these circumstances apply to you.

If you need more information about changing service providers or associates of an existing service you can:

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