Guidance information for gas work and devices

Find information and guides for gas installers, including RV flues, piping, fuel workshops and hydrocarbon refrigerants.


Gas systems in caravans and recreational vehicles

Gas safety requirements and obligations for gas work in new or used caravans and recreational vehicles.

Consumer piping using proprietary systems

Understand the safety requirements around installing consumer piping, particularly multi-layer (composite) piping.

LPG motor fuel workshops

Find information on compliance standards for workshops undertaking installation and conversion of LPG gas engines.

Using gas at outdoor public events

Gas guideline and checklist for organisers of outdoor public events.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants guideline

Find out information on safety requirements for the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Complex gas installations

Read information for installers working on complex gas installations on their obligations, record keeping, documentation and project management.

Gas compliance plates

Requirements and ordering information for compliance certificates, compliance plates and defect notices.

Gas safety and compliance information for gas device (type B) approval

Read the requirements for the assessment and approval of industrial and commercial appliances (type B gas device) in Queensland.

Guideline for the supply of unodourised gas

Read the guidelines for the supply of unodourised gas in Queensland.

LCC27 - new LP gas cylinder valve

Information on the new LCC27 (Leisure Cylinder Connection Type 27) that has been phased-in for Australian use in portable gas connections.

Bitumen gas heating systems installed on vehicles

Gas safety requirements and obligations for gas work on bitumen vehicles.