Gas work and devices

Access gas work information including licensing requirements, device approvals and technical guidelines.

Paperless e-certificates can be completed online

Read about how to use e-certificates (PDF, 275KB) and complete an e-certificate online.


Gas certificates, plates and notices

Requirements and ordering information for compliance certificates, compliance plates and defect notices.

Gas work licences and authorisations

Find out how to apply for or renew your gas work licence or authorisation.

Registers of gas work licences and authorisations

Check the register to make sure a gas licence or authorisation is current and that it covers the work to be performed.

Gas devices and approvals

Find out how to get Type A and Type B devices approved and how to become a gas device approval authority (GDAA).

Guidance information for gas work and devices

Find information and guides for gas installers, including RV flues, piping, fuel workshops and hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Gas work licence and authorisation holder obligations

Find out your obligations when installing and completing any gas system.