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Gas certificates, plates and notices

When carrying out gas work, you'll need to use certain certificates, plates and notices.

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Gas system compliance certificates and plates

If you are authorised to do so, when you complete an installation you must:

  • Give the owner or operator of the system the original copy of the gas system compliance certificate.
  • Attach a gas system compliance plate or update the existing plate with the work you carried out. The plate shows the history of gas installation and who undertook the work. Read more about the requirements for installing compliance plates (PDF, 568KB).
  • If the system is supplied with fuel gas by a distribution system or fuel gas network, give the operator of the system/network the second copy of the gas system compliance certificate (within 5 business days after completing the installation). Read further information on requirements before starting work and information on contact details for operators.
  • Retain the third copy of the gas system compliance certificate for your records for at least 3 years.

View a sample Gas system compliance certificate (PDF, 840KB)

View a sample Type B approval certificate (PDF, 896KB)

Defect notices

If you have any safety concerns about a gas system you are working on, you must give the owner or operator a defect notice.

If you believe there is an imminent risk of material harm to persons or property, you must also:

  • take appropriate measures to avoid, eliminate or minimise the risk
  • immediately report the risk and measures taken by phoning

You do not need to give a defect notice if action is taken to immediately remedy the safety concern (e.g. you carry out gas work to immediately remedy the concern).

View a sample Gas system defect notice (PDF, 823KB)

Gas inspection certificates

If you inspect, alter or install any part of a gas fuel system (in a vehicle, vessel or stationary engine), you must:

  • give the owner or operator the original copy of the gas system inspection certificate
  • attach an identifying label for the gas fuel system
  • retain the copy of the gas system inspection certificate for your records for at least 3 years.

View a sample Vehicle/vessel gas system inspection certificate (PDF, 820KB)

Ordering plates and certificates

Order plates and certificates online

Returning plates and certificates

If your licence or authorisation has been cancelled, suspended or surrendered, you must not sell or give away any unused plates and certificates.

Any unused compliance goods purchased in relation to the gas work licence or authorisation (such as certificates, plates, and defect notices) should be returned to the Licensing and Authorisation Unit or securely disposed/destroyed.

Return plates or certificates to:

Licensing and Authorisation Unit
Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate
GPO Box 1321