Gas work licence and authorisation holder obligations

Before installing new gas system or increasing demand on gas distribution network

Before you install a new gas system, or increase the demand by 100MJ/hour (or more), and the gas is supplied by a gas distribution system (metered), you must advise the network operator (gas supplier):

  • about the works
  • and
  • the expected increase in demand for gas (how many MJ/hour).

Before installing new gas system or new gas appliances

Before installing a new gas system or installing an additional gas appliance you must ensure the gas supply is adequate to satisfy the additional demand for gas. Make sure you check the:

  • LP gas cylinder storage and vaporisation rate
  • gas meter and meter capacity
  • pipe sizing.

After completing gas system installation or gas system alteration

When you have finished the gas system installation/alteration you must do the following:

  • issue a gas system compliance certificate to the owner (immediately on completion) to certify the installation is compliant
  • send a copy of the gas system compliance certificate to the network operator within 5 days
  • attach a gas compliance plate to the relevant electrical meter box that identifies your licence/authorisation number, the certificate number, the date of the works and the relevant code for the works.
Fuel gas delivery network operator Gas type NG/LPG Metered or cylinder supplyEmail
8 Street NG Meter
AGas LPG Both
APA NG Meter
Elgas LPG Both
Hamilton Island Services LPG Meter
Origin Energy LPG Both
Qld Gas Company LPG Meter
Supagas LPG Cylinder
The Village Taigum - Anglicare NG Meter
Trident Property Advisory LPG Meter