Providing problem gambling support information

Under the Gaming Machine Regulation 2002, signs advertising help available to anyone impacted by problem gambling must be displayed in a conspicuous position where either of the following is carried out:

  • the sale or redemption of gaming tokens
  • a transaction for a centralised credit system.

Gambling providers should also clearly display signage:

  • at ATMs
  • in bathrooms.

Gambling staff should inform customers that information is available about:

  • potential risks associated with gambling
  • the gambling provider's responsible gambling policies for addressing problem gambling issues relevant to the local community
  • the nature of games, game rules, and the true odds of winning
  • the process to take for exclusion provisions
  • gambling-related complaint handling procedures
  • key elements of the gambling provider's financial transaction practices.

Information and materials should be suitable for all predominant cultural groups in your community.

You can download and print compliance signage to display at your venue.

Responsible gambling mission statements

Venues may like to have a responsible gambling mission statement. Display your mission statement somewhere prominent. This should advise customers that your venue:

  • supports responsible service of gambling
  • has measures to ensure the potential for harm is minimised
  • has staff available to provide support in a confidential manner.

Also consider...


General enquiries 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

  • Licence and permit enquiries

1300 072 322

  • Gaming compliance enquiries

  • Liquor compliance enquiries

  • Media enquiries (07) 3738 8556