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Late trading and lock out

If your liquor licence has a condition imposing a lock out, you must comply.

Lock out as a licence condition

The Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming can impose lock outs through licence conditions or on a one-off extension of trading hours.

In some parts of Queensland, members of local liquor accords have voluntarily adopted earlier lock out times.

Late-traders in the Brisbane City Council area

A range of licence conditions apply specifically to licensees in the Brisbane City Council area who are authorised to trade after 1am. For more information read Compliance for liquor licensees in the Brisbane City Council area (post-1am trading).

Penalties for non-compliance

As a liquor licensee or permit-holder you can be penalised for non-compliance, under the Liquor Act 1992. Penalty amounts depend on where your licensed venue operates.

AreaMaximum penalty for licensee or permit-holder
Inside the Brisbane City Council area $13,345
Outside of the Brisbane City Council area $5,338
Within a restricted area up to $133,450

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