Christmas and New Year trading hours for licensed premises

This information applies to trading hours over the Christmas and New Year's period, including restrictions on serving alcohol, operating gaming machines and providing adult entertainment.

Note: Christmas and New Year trading hours for non-licensed premises may be different to those in licensed premises.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, the sale and supply of alcohol must finish at 12 midnight regardless of whether you have approved extended trading hours. Patrons must finish consuming their drinks by 12.30am on Christmas Day.

All gaming machines in hotels and clubs must stop at 12 midnight on Christmas Eve and may not start again before 10am on Boxing Day. For casinos, gaming is permitted until 3am on Christmas Day.

Adult entertainment venues

Adult entertainment is prohibited from 12 midnight on Christmas Eve and throughout Christmas Day.

Christmas Day


On Christmas Day, you are permitted to sell and supply liquor between 10am and midnight together with a meal in a part of the premises that is ordinarily set aside for dining, if the meal is also prepared, served and intended to be eaten on the premises. (Note: A 'meal' is defined as food eaten by a person at a fixed structure used as a table, with cutlery provided for the purpose of eating the food, and is of a sufficient substance to be ordinarily accepted as a meal.)

Patrons can buy alcohol for consumption on the premises together with a meal for 1 hour before, during and 1 hour after finishing their meal.

Under section 19 of the Wine Industry Act 1994, you may apply to extend the trading hours of the licence to allow the sale of wine on Christmas Day. If the extension is granted, wine can only be sold and supplied in-line with both of the following conditions:

  • for consumption on the premises
  • to people eating a meal (for 1 hour before the meal, during the meal and for 1 hour following the meal).


You are not permitted to sell takeaway alcohol on Christmas Day.

Gaming and adult entertainment

Neither gaming nor adult entertainment is permitted in licensed premises on Christmas Day. For casinos, gaming must stop between 3am and midnight on Christmas Day.

Accommodation guests

On Christmas day, you can provide alcohol to in-house accommodation guests in their room or unit only.

Also, licensees with accommodation may serve alcohol to patrons eating a meal in the dining area of the premises between 10am and 12 midnight. This means that alcohol may be served to patrons for 1 hour before dining, during the course of a meal and for 1 hour after the meal is finished.

Boxing Day

Usual trading hours and conditions resume for Boxing Day.

New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve, all licensees are permitted to sell or supply liquor until 2am on New Year's Day. This applies regardless of your regular approved trading hours.

This means that the bar must finish serving at 2am, unless the premises is currently approved to trade beyond 2am. Without approved post-2am trading, patrons must finish consuming their drinks by 2.30am.

Extended trading hours on New Year's Eve

Licensees who wish to continue trading after 2am, but are not currently approved to do so, must apply for an extended hours permit.

The Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming has determined that licensees who want to apply to extend their trading hours to any time between 2am and 5am on New Year's Day, will not need to provide evidence that it is a special occasion that persons independent of the licensee wish to celebrate on the licensed premises.

Submit your extended hours application to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation at least 21 days before the event. Apply as early as possible.

Note: Lodging an application does not guarantee it will be approved. Advertising or promoting your event before a permit has been granted is done at your own risk.

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