Christmas trading hours for licensed premises

Over Christmas extra restrictions apply on serving alcohol and operating gaming machines in Queensland.

The restrictions are provided under the Liquor Act 1992.

Christmas Eve trading

On Christmas Eve, the sale and supply of alcohol must stop at midnight even if you have approved extended trading hours that usually allow for later trading. Patrons must finish their drinks by 12.30am on the morning of Christmas Day.

Gambling on Christmas Eve

All gaming machines in hotels and clubs must stop at midnight on Christmas Eve and can't start again until 10am on Boxing Day.

For casinos, gambling is allowed until 3am on the morning of Christmas Day.

Christmas Day trading

On Christmas Day, you can sell and supply liquor between 10am and midnight, but only with a meal, in a part of the premises ordinarily set aside for dining. The meal must be prepared, served and eaten on the premises.

(Note: A meal is food that can be eaten with cutlery while seated—for example, roast beef with vegetables, lasagne, a stir-fry or a curry with rice. It is not light takeaway food like snacks, hot chips, an entree or kid's meal.)

Patrons can buy alcohol to drink with their meal from 1 hour before to 1 hour after eating their meal.

You can't sell takeaway alcohol on Christmas Day.

Gambling on Christmas Day

Gambling in hotels and clubs isn't allowed on Christmas Day.

For casinos, gambling must stop between 3am and midnight on Christmas Day.

Serving alcohol to accommodation guests on Christmas Day

Accommodation premises must follow the same rules as other licensees on Christmas Day. However, in-house guests can consume alcohol in their rooms (from pre-stocked mini-bars) throughout Christmas Day. Licensees are not allowed to re-stock mini-bars or deliver alcohol by room service on Christmas Day.

Extending trading hours for wine licensees on Christmas Day

Wine licensees can apply to extend trading hours to sell wine on Christmas Day. If the extension is granted, wine can only be sold and supplied for consumption on the premises.

Boxing Day trading

Ordinary trading hours and conditions apply on Boxing Day.

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