Special exhibition approval and management plans

You may apply to exhibit and deal with an approved category C2 animal outside of the regular enclosure site by submitting an exhibition licence amendment for a special exhibition approval (SEA). You will need to include a management plan with your application.

The management plan should include:

  • information about the proposed events
  • details of the controlled areas
  • transportation (including proposed security of transportation enclosures or other authorised enclosures)
  • names of authorised persons
  • public interaction (if relevant)
  • exhibit enclosures for the animal during the exhibit
  • potential disease spread
  • efficiency of controlled area barriers for the animal
  • any other associated risks and how you propose to prevent or minimise these risks.

For example, you may apply for approval to undertake an exhibit with a specific animal at an address or event, where the animal will be held in a temporary controlled area outside of the regular enclosure and off the regular enclosure site.

If approved, the activity will be recorded on your licence. You must ensure you follow all procedures and details set out in the management plan and any other details or conditions recorded on your licence.

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