Register of exhibited animals authorities and accreditations

Under the Exhibited Animals Act 2015, the chief executive must keep a register of exhibited animal authorities and people accredited under the Act. The publicly available parts of each register must be published online.

Authority register

The publicly available part of the authority register includes:

  • name of the authority holder
  • category of the authority
  • term of the authority
  • authority expiry date
  • contact details of the authority holder, but not the address if the premise where an authorised enclosure is located is a residential address.

Accredited people register

The chief executive must also keep a register of accredited people. Accredited people may undertake private assessments of animals, enclosures or places at the request of the authority holder to assess compliance with the Act. The accredited persons register records:

  • the person's name
  • conditions imposed on the accreditation
  • the term of the accreditation.

Apply for a copy of a public register

To request a copy of a public register, use 1 of the following application forms:

If you need help completing an application form, contact us on 13 25 23.

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