Exhibiting animals in Queensland

In Queensland, you will need a licence or permit under the Exhibited Animals Act 2015 if proposing to exhibit native wildlife or non-indigenous animals in:

  • zoos
  • wildlife parks
  • mobile exhibits
  • circuses
  • rabbits in magic acts.

When applying for a licence or permit, the applicant must detail the activities that are proposed to be undertaken with each species or individual of a species. This includes whether an animal's image will be recorded and used for social media or for film and television purposes.

In Queensland, you are required to manage the risks associated with animal welfare, biosecurity and safety and be able to demonstrate that you are meeting your general exhibition and dealing obligations to animals in your care. The animals you exhibit are protected by animal welfare, biosecurity and environmental protection laws.

This guide outlines state and national laws that affect the exhibition of animals and discusses the licences and permits you need to exhibit and deal with animals as part of your business.