Create a biosecurity management plan

An amendment to Queensland's Biosecurity Regulation 2016 came into effect on 26 April 2019. It gives biosecurity protection to holders of an authority under the Exhibited Animals Act 2015.

The amendment addresses the potential biosecurity risks of unauthorised entry to places where animals are kept. These risks include the spread of:

  • disease from infected people to animals
  • disease and pests carried on people (e.g. clothing, footwear) vehicles or equipment moving onto a property.

Protection under the regulation will only apply if you have a biosecurity management plan for your place. Anybody that enters your place must comply with your biosecurity management plan when they enter or leave, and while they are on your property. Not complying with your biosecurity management plan is an offence and penalties apply.

Identify your management area

This could be:

  • an entire premises normally closed to the public
  • particular areas that have restricted entry (e.g. animal enclosures or exhibit areas) on premises normally open to the public.

Ways to minimise biosecurity risk in your managed areas

This could include:

disinfecting, foot bathing and wearing protective clothing

  • entry restrictions applying to your managed areas.

Accessible plans specific to biosecurity

  • A biosecurity management plan must be kept as a separate document at your premises and made available for inspection if a person asks to view the plan during ordinary business hours
  • It should only detail information relevant to the prevention and spread of biosecurity matter into a management area.

To create a new biosecurity management plan, use Farm Biosecurity's resources and templates. If you already have a plan in place, check or upgrade your plan to ensure it aligns to the regulation.

For more detailed information about biosecurity protection for animal exhibitors, download the fact sheet.

Biosecurity management plan signs

Make visitors aware of their biosecurity obligations before entering a management area, that there is a biosecurity management plan for the area and that it is an offence to not comply with the biosecurity management plan. Download an approved sign that includes all information required to align with the regulation.