Interstate animal exhibitors

If you live outside Queensland and have an interstate authority to exhibit an animal and would like to exhibit and deal with the animal in Queensland, you need to complete and submit an interstate exhibitors permit application.

With this permit, you can exhibit the approved animals throughout Queensland on a temporary basis. Category A, B or C animals may be obtained under an interstate exhibitors permit.

How to apply for an interstate exhibitors permit and a particular species

An application for an interstate exhibitors permit must be submitted and accompanied by a management plan for the proposed species to be recorded on the permit.

The management plan must identify the regular enclosures and controlled areas that will be used for exhibiting and dealing with each animal. All risks associated with exhibiting and dealing with the species must be addressed in each management plan, including:

  • animal welfare requirements during transit and exhibit
  • enclosure design and security.

All species brought into Queensland under an interstate exhibitors permit must be for the purpose of exhibition in accordance with legislative requirements and all conditions recorded on the permit.

Key concepts that must be covered in a management plan include:

  • animal management issues relevant to animal welfare
  • human health
  • safety and wellbeing
  • social amenity
  • the economy
  • the environment.

Under the Exhibited Animals Act 2015 these key concepts refer to the relevant risks and relevant adverse effects of exhibiting an animal and your 'general exhibition and dealing obligation'.

The interstate exhibitors permit is approved for a period of 1 year. Examples of people who may apply for an interstate exhibitors permit include circuses and mobile exhibitors that enter into Queensland for the purpose of exhibiting authorised animals. An activity will not be authorised if it is not in accordance with approvals granted to Queensland based licence holders.

If you are applying for a species to be recorded on an interstate exhibitors permit, you must produce proof of a current authority for each animal from the relevant government authority as part of Queensland’s application process.

You must also provide proof that the relevant governing authority approves the movement of each species off the licensed premises for the purpose of exhibit. The interstate exhibitors permit cannot extend beyond the term of the authority within the residing state.

You must notify the Queensland Government within 7 days if the authority held outside of Queensland is amended in a way that does not permit the authority holder to exhibit or deal with an animal in your residing state, or if the authority is suspended, cancelled or surrendered. You must also notify the Queensland Government prior to entry into Queensland and comply with all other relevant requirements set out in the Exhibited Animals Regulation 2016.

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