Private assessment by an accredited person

If you hold an authority under the Exhibited Animals Act 2015 (the Act), you may be required to have your facilities, and all relevant dealings, inspected when you apply to renew or restore your licence. You can choose to have this inspection done by an inspector or by an accredited person appointed under the Act.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) must accredit a person before they can undertake a private assessment.

Requirements for accreditation

A person applying for an accreditation for private assessment must have proven expertise and experience in all of the following:

  • interpreting and understanding legislative requirements
  • carrying out private assessments
  • preparing private assessment reports in a format that is logical and identifies relevant requirements of the Act
  • using a computer to type the reports, submitting reports electronically, taking and submitting photos and experience in detailing findings of an inspection
  • inspecting facilities to identify risks relevant to those prescribed under the Act
  • writing clear, concise and well-reasoned reports that support their opinion that the authority holder is complying, or not complying, in part or in whole, with the provisions of the Act
  • knowledge of the animal species being applied for and the relevant risks and adverse effects associated with keeping the species in captivity.

Responsibilities of the accredited person

An accredited person will have 1 or more animal species that they are able to assess detailed on their accreditation.

The accredited person is:

  • permitted to conduct an inspection of all dealings related to these animal species
  • responsible for inspecting and developing a private assessment report that is forwarded to DAF as supporting information to grant, or refuse, a renewal application or restore a licence.

The private assessment report must detail information about how the authority holder meets the requirements of the authority, and all other relevant risks and adverse effects as prescribed under the Act.

The accredited person is responsible for inspecting regular enclosures, controlled areas and travel enclosures to ensure the authority holder is meeting their general exhibition and dealing obligations. The private assessment report may detail any potential non-compliance with the requirements of the Act. If such issues arise, an inspection may be required by an appointed inspector employed by DAF.

Apply to become an accredited person

To apply to become an accredited person, or to renew or amend your existing accreditation, complete the application for accreditation.

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