Amending a licence or permit for exhibiting animals

To make an amendment to your exhibition licence or interstate exhibitors permit, you must submit an amendment application and relevant management plans detailing the amendment required.

An amendment to the licence is required when you:

  • add a new species or group of species
  • apply for a special exhibition approval to exhibit a category C2 animal off the regular enclosure site
  • amend an existing approved management plan to include additional species with similar risks
  • construct a new enclosure.


Amendments may relate to:

  • a proposed change to any relevant risks and relevant adverse effects associated with exhibiting and dealing with an animal
  • the way you propose to prevent or minimise these relevant risks and relevant adverse effects
  • proposed changes or amendments to each regular enclosure or an authorised enclosure for an individual animal of a category B or C species
  • adding a type of enclosure for an approved category A species
  • adding a category A, B or C species to an already approved licence holding similar species that have the same or similar risks and are managed in the same way
  • amending a licence to change the arrangements to manage the reproduction of an animal
  • amending an enclosure for an existing approved category of animal
  • amending an authority to increase approved numbers that doesn't require a significant change to a management plan.

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