Managing work health and safety in your business

You can improve how your business manages work health and safety by using the following helpful resources.

Build business resilience

Improve how you will deal with workplace incidents by developing a business continuity plan and conducting a comprehensive analysis of how your business could be affected by various possible incidents.

If your business does suffer from a major incident, having a business continuity plan could help you continue to operate and avoid having to close.

A business continuity plan includes a risk management plan, a business impact analysis, an incident response plan and a recovery plan.

Improve your safety performance through safety leadership

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland's (WHSQ) Safety Leadership at Work program is designed to improve safety culture and contribute to reducing work related injuries and fatalities in Queensland workplaces. Join the free program and learn how to influence and build a positive safety culture through:

  • webinars, forums and safety leadership events (receive special membership rates)
  • films, benchmarking tools and case studies
  • updates on leading industry practices
  • direct access to business leaders to apply their learnings directly to your own business
  • networking opportunities to explore solutions to common issues and influence your industry's safety culture.

Access WHSQ resources

If you are a Queensland employer with a WorkCover Queensland policy, you can access the Injury Prevention and Management (IPaM) program.

Read more about the IPaM program.

WHSQ also offers:

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