Responding to information requests for your environmental authority application

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You may receive an 'information request' if you make a 'properly made' variation or site-specific application for an environmental authority (EA). This means the administering authority needs more information before they can make a decision about your application.

Where the mandatory application requirements are met – in the ways required by the application form, and as explained in the relevant technical guidelines, and agreed at the pre-lodgement meeting – an information request will generally not be required.

Environmental impact statements

For some higher risk or large scale activities, the administering authority may ask for an environmental impact statement (EIS).

An information request will not apply to an application where an EIS process under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 has been completed prior to an application being made in certain circumstances. If the application is for a site-specific mining activity relating to a mining lease, there must also be a proposed progressive rehabilitation and closure plan (PRC plan). If there is no proposed PRC plan for the application, the administering authority must request it during the information stage.

Read more about the relationship between an EA application and the EIS process.

Response time for an information request

The information request will specify the information you need to provide and how long you have to respond.

The time you have to respond will be at least:

  • 2 years if an EIS is required
  • 6 months for all other requests.

How to respond to an information request

You must respond to the information request by giving the administering authority one of the following:

  • all the information requested
  • some of the information requested with written notice to continue to assess the application
  • none of the information requested with written notice to continue to assess the application.

However, if the information request requires the applicant to submit a proposed PRC plan it must be provided. A proposed PRC plan must be submitted using the Submission of a progressive rehabilitation and closure plan (ESR/2019/4957) (DOCX, 214KB) form.

If you do not supply the additional information or only supply part of the information requested, your application may be refused or stricter conditions may be imposed.

If you do not respond within the required time frame, your application will lapse and you will have to reapply for your EA.

Extending the response time

If you wish to request more time to respond to the information request, you must ask the administering authority for this extension at least 10 business days before the information request deadline.

The administering authority will send you an information notice within 5 business days of receiving the request, letting you know whether it has decided to extend the time you have to respond.

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