Vehicle searches for legal, insurance, banking and finance firms

You can log in or apply to complete vehicle searches online using Queensland Government databases if you belong to a legal, insurance, banking, finance firm or local government.

Approved firms can log in to CITEC Confirm to complete vehicle searches for:

  • insurance claim processing
  • debt recovery
  • asset discovery
  • due diligence processes
  • fine enforcement.

Types of vehicles searches

If you are granted access, you can search the:

  • Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) - for a live search of encumbrances (outstanding finance) against motor vehicles, boats, outboard motors and many other items of collateral (consumer or commercial)
  • Queensland motor vehicle register - for up-to-date information on vehicle registration details in Queensland
  • Queensland traffic incident reports - for detailed traffic incident reports sourced directly from the Queensland Police Service.

Apply to CITEC Confirm

For details on how to apply, contact:

CITEC Confirm
Phone: 1800 773 773


CITEC Confirm