Professional and financial services

Key information about running a law firm, financial services business or insurance business in Queensland.


Transfer duty

Learn about duties for business owners, investors and transfer duty self assessors.

Insurance duty

Key information about registering for insurance duty, calculating insurance duty and lodging insurance duty returns.

Land searches for conveyancing

Learn about conducting several land searches online for conveyancing purposes through CITEC Confirm.

CITEC Confirm online services

Learn about online Queensland Government services to businesses in the legal, banking, financial services and credit management industries.

Search crime reports and traffic incident reports

Learn how to apply for access to property crime reports or traffic incident reports on restricted databases of the Queensland Police Service.

Vehicle searches for legal, insurance, and insolvency firms

Learn how to conduct vehicle searches for insurance claim processing, debt recovery, asset discovery and insolvency proceedings.

Electronic court filing for law firms

Learn how to use CITEC Confirm's eFiling to speed up your dealings with the Queensland Magistrates Courts and QCAT.

Corporate and individual searches

Legal, banking and finance organisations can use CITEC Confirm to search records held by a number of Australian government authorities.

Running a business

Find information to help you run and grow your business in Queensland.