Search crime reports and traffic incident reports

You can apply for ongoing access to crime reports or traffic incident reports on the Queensland Police Service restricted databases.

To become an approved applicant and be granted ongoing access, you must be a:

  • qualifying insurer
  • loss adjustor
  • law firm*
  • mercantile organisation*.

*Note: These entities can only be granted online access to traffic incident reports.

If you have a bona fide interest, CITEC Confirm may be able to obtain a report for you.

You can also apply for a one-off traffic incident or crime report without becoming an approved applicant.

Queensland Police crime reports

Crime reports only cover the following matters:

  • theft
  • non-suspicious arson
  • property damage
  • fraud
  • lost property.

CITEC Confirm does not provide access to reports related to domestic violence or abuse.

Crime reports include details on:

  • complainant(s)
  • property items
  • modus operandi.

The reports do not include offender details.

Traffic incident reports

Traffic incident reports include, where possible, details on the:

  • occurrence
  • incident scene and event
  • crash description
  • unit details
  • towed vehicles
  • damaged property
  • victim and version statements.

Apply to CITEC Confirm

For details on how to become an approved applicant or to apply for a one-off report, contact:

CITEC Confirm
Phone: 1800 773 773