Electronic court filing for law firms

You can use CITEC Confirm's electronic court filing (eFiling) service to speed up your dealings with Queensland courts.

Benefits of eFiling

  • Bulk upload an unlimited number of documents
  • Responses returned online
  • Fully claimable fees
  • Single data entry with relevant information automatically reproduced throughout the lodgement process
  • Greater efficiency - results are returned immediately, ready for serving
  • Itemised fee summary
  • Faster processing - create profile templates for representatives, plaintiffs or applicants; and servers, deponents and precedents (eliminating the need for repetitive data entry)

Queensland Magistrates Courts eFiling

For all Queensland Magistrates Courts, you can eFile:

  • claims
  • requests for default judgments
  • applications for enforcement hearing summons.

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) eFiling

For QCAT, you can eFile:

  • minor civil disputes
  • requests for decision by default.

Register for eFiling

To register for eFiling, contact:

CITEC Confirm
Phone: 1800 773 773
Email: confirm@citec.com.au

Note: Access to these services is restricted. Individuals are not currently eligible to access eFiling through CITEC Confirm for the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.