Permanently stopping supply of recycled water

If your recycled water scheme is going to shut down and permanently stop supplying recycled water, you (as the the scheme manager, recycled water provider or other declared entity) must notify the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water.

As the recycled water service provider or scheme manager, you must complete the Notice of intent to permanently stop supply form (PDF, 594KB) and provide this to the department (unless there is a reasonable explanation):

  • for critical recycled water schemes – at least 60 days before the supply of recycled water is proposed to stop
  • for other schemes – at least 30 days before the supply of recycled water is proposed to stop.

The department may authorise alternative arrangements for a critical recycled water scheme to ensure the continued operation of the scheme and use additional dispute resolution powers if required.

The department may request additional information about the stoppage or require any information to be verified by statutory declaration.

If supply continues after the date stated in the notice of intent to cease supply, the notice ceases to have effect.

Once supply under the scheme actually stops, you (as the the recycled water provider or scheme manager) must give the department Notice of having permanently stopped supply notice (PDF, 567KB) within 5 days after supply stops.