Reporting requirements for recycled water providers

As a recycled water provider operating under an approved recycled water management plan (RWMP), you are obliged to regularly report to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy through:

  • annual reports
  • report on noncompliance with water quality criteria
  • internal and regular audit reports.

Public reporting

As a provider, you must prepare public reports if you supply:

  • recycled water to augment a supply of drinking water
  • recycled water under a dual reticulation scheme.

You must publish public reports on your website, as required in the Public reporting guideline for recycled water schemes (PDF, 385KB).

As a recycled water provider, you must keep a copy of the regular audit report, annual report and public report available for public inspection during business hours.

Annual reports

You should follow the instructions in the Annual reporting guideline for recycled water schemes (PDF, 425KB) for information about preparing annual reports.

The annual report must be published on your website, unless you have a reasonable explanation.

Noncompliance incident reporting

Once a RWMP has been approved, you (as a recycled water provider, scheme manager or declared entity) must immediately inform the department of:

  • any noncompliance with the scheme's water quality criteria
  • or
  • any event that may have an adverse effect on public health.

After the initial verbal notification, you must provide an initial notification within 24 hours of the becoming aware of the noncompliance.

Within 5 business days after resolution of the noncompliance, as the entity responsible for taking any corrective action, you must submit an investigation report.

Refer to the Incident reporting guideline for recycled water schemes (PDF, 332KB).

You should complete and submit the Notice of noncompliance with water quality criteria - Recycled water form (PDF, 671KB).

Audit reports

Read the Recycled water management plan audit reporting guideline (PDF, 369KB) for information about preparing regular audit reports.


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