Amending recycled water management plans

As a recycled water provider, you may be required to amend your approved recycled water management plan (RWMP) if:

  • the recycled water quality criteria relevant to the scheme changes
  • the scheme has not complied with a condition of the approved RWMP
  • the scheme uses new process technology
  • changes are required following a review or audit of RWMP
  • there are organisational changes
  • there are changes that will affect the approved RWMP.

How to apply for amendments

You must apply for approval of any proposed amendments to a RWMP.

Required amendments

The Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water may require an amendment to an approved RWMP to protect public health or ensure the continuity of operation of the scheme. In this case, a show cause notice will be issued about the required amendment.

As a recycled water provider, you will have an opportunity to make a response submission to the show cause notice. Then the department will consider your submission(s) about the proposed amendments and give you either:

  • a notice to amend the RWMP
  • or
  • a notice that the RWMP does not need to be amended, if the department decides the proposed amendment should not be made.

As a recycled water provider, you must comply with the notice.

Alternatively, you may decide to voluntarily amend a RWMP before the notice is given. In this case, you must apply to us for approval of the proposed amended RWMP.