Apply for a new resource authority on MyMinesOnline

Once you have registered for MyMinesOnline, you can use it to lodge your new resource authority applications online (except for tender applications and prospecting permits).

Before lodging your application:

  • Read the relevant resource authority application guide for details of requirements and the application process.
  • If your application requires a separate application form (see list below), complete it, then save it to your computer ready to upload.
  • Have supporting documents ready and saved (individually) ready to upload. The application form will detail the required documents.
  • Have your credit card details ready if paying by credit card (EFT also available).

Log in to MyMinesOnline

Once you have submitted your application, you can use MyMinesOnline to track the progress of your assessment.

The Queensland Government is making changes to the way you lodge environmental authority (EA) applications.

From 8 December 2018, coal and mineral EA applications will no longer be accepted via MyMinesOnline and must be lodged directly with the Department of Environment, Science and Innovation.

Resource authority applications that can be lodged online

You can apply for the following authorities using MyMinesOnline.

An asterisk (*) indicates you can lodge the application using the online form. For other applications, you will need to complete a separate application form and upload it along with supporting documents using MyMinesOnline.

Minerals and coal resource authorities

  • Exploration permit minerals*
  • Mineral development licence*
  • Mining claim*
  • Mining lease*

Petroleum and gas

  • Data acquisition authority
  • Divide a permit – authority to prospect
  • Petroleum facility licence
  • Petroleum lease*
  • Petroleum survey licence
  • Pipeline licence
  • Potential commercial area
  • Replacement tenure for authority to prospect
  • Water monitoring authority

Greenhouse gas storage

  • Data acquisition authority
  • Greenhouse gas injection/storage lease
  • Potential greenhouse gas storage commercial area


  • Exploration permit geothermal
  • Geothermal lease
  • Potential geothermal commercial area