GSQ Open Data Portal

New GSQ Open Data Portal

GSQ Open Data Portal replaces QDEX Data.

Read this short guide on how to access data and other resources on the new portal.

The GSQ Open Data Portal lets you search for and download a wide range of Queensland geoscience datasets, company statutory reports and publications.

You can now access a large amount of new data.

The portal replaces QDEX Data and is managed by the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ).

Access the portal

The portal can be used without registering.

GSQ Open Data Portal


Features of the new GSQ Open Data Portal include:

  • single search tool for all geoscience data held by GSQ
  • enhanced search capabilities, including
    • detailed metadata searching using a range of pre-defined or user-defined filters
    • spatial searching, including searching through GeoResGlobe
    • open API connectivity for data access
  • shopping cart functionality to allow the collection and download of multiple datasets
  • the ability to download very large datasets (such as seismic data).


The types of data available on the GSQ Open Data Portal are:

  • 3D datasets
  • ASTER data
  • boreholes
  • electrical survey
  • electromagnetic survey
  • geochemistry data
  • geological mapping data
  • GIS packages
  • gravity gradiometry
  • gravity survey
  • GSQ site observations data
  • magnetic survey
  • magnetotelluric survey
  • map collections
  • QPED download
  • Queensland mineral occurrence data
  • radiometric survey
  • seismic survey
  • spectral survey.

Future datasets

New geoscience datasets, to be uploaded to the GSQ Open Data Portal by December 2020, will include:

  • an additional 100TB of seismic data previously held offline
  • text searchable copies of all open file company reports (61,000) to support automated report analysis.

Reports, publications and maps

The GSQ Open Data Portal also provides access to a range of open file company statutory reports, geoscience publications and maps (previously available in QDEX Reports). They can be located using the search tool.

System components

You can learn more about the components of the data solution behind the GSQ Open Data Portal on GSQ GitHub.

Technical support and feedback

Hours: Mon–Fri 8.30am–4.30pm AEST (except public holidays)
Phone: +61 7 3199 8133

Make an online enquiry with the GSQ Open Data help desk.

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