CEI submissions and timelines

Round 6 of the Collaborative Exploration Initiative program is now open for submissions until 13 December 2021. Individual grants of up to $200,000 are available, with no requirement for direct funding by the applicant.

This round will support existing explorers across Queensland (excluding Brisbane and Gold Coast regions) and will include non-drilling activities such as:

  • geophysics
  • geochemistry and other surveys
  • re-analysis of historical samples to include a full suite of elements
  • machine learning trials.

Round 6 proposals

We are looking for proposals that will test innovative exploration concepts, which will in turn provide a new understanding of the geology and new economy mineral prospectivity in Queensland. Proposals should:

  • demonstrate economic and technical merit
  • introduce innovative concepts
  • address knowledge gaps
  • highlight critical uncertainties in key areas, especially that of new economy mineral prospectivity
  • show the potential to increase exploration activity in under-explored areas or increase exploration investment in Queensland
  • provide realistic timings of activities to ensure that the activity and delivery of results are completed.

Review the full Guideline for Round 6 CEI applications (PDF, 255KB).

These grants are only available for submissions that meet certain criteria. Please read the eligibility criteria, on the front page of the online form, before making your submission.

Submit a proposal for CEI round 6

Current project timelines

Round 6 opens for applications 1 November 2021
Round 6 applications close 13 December 2021
Round 4 final reports become publicly available 15 December 2021
Round 5 projects completed 15 May 2022
Round 5 final reports due 31 May 2022
Round 5 final reports become publicly available 15 December 2022

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